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Cigar Bar event benefits TRACIR

February 13, 2017 12:00 AM

Patricia Sheridan / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

If you think cigar bars are places where portly men pontificate — stogie in hand — then you need to visit Blend Bar. The new cigar and whiskey bar on Seventh Avenue, Downtown, was the venue for Whiskey Watches and Cigars Friday night. The event with a unique silent auction, featuring everything from bows and arrows to bowties, was raising funds for TRACIR (TRAuma Care In a Rucksack). TRACIR is still in development, but as described by Ralene Debord, “Its medical equipment will be in a sack delivered by drones to active combat zones, or earthquake disasters, or anywhere medics can’t reach immediately.” The money raised will finance the prototype. The idea comes from Dr. Ron Poropatich, a retired Army colonel who is executive director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Military Medicine Research.

Among those sipping, puffing and partying in between bidding were Latasha and Charlie Batch, Dr. Bernie Geiser, Retired Lt. Col. Craig Wurtzbacher, committee members Lisa Gaydos, DeeDee Troutman and Melissa Dellovade, Beth Kuhn, Erik Doughty, M.J. Costello and Bud Steffan, Denny Terzich, Adam Szczepanski, Becky and Jim O’Connor, Tom Baumann, Karl Jacob, Tim Murphy, Mike Brewster, Ken and Amy McCall, Ralene and Cris DeBord  and Debi Wheeler.

Congratulations to Wyatt Charles winner of the Jesse Broadwater Hoyt autographed bow package.  This lucky young man was thrilled when his parents brought the bow home to him!

Thank you Jesse Broadwater for your generous donation!  It made this young man very happy!  He is a BIG FAN!

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